Gospel Lighthouse Church
This unique, 9,200+ square foot assembly-type building was designed with grade level HVAC packaged units with gas heat and full air economizing for energy efficiency. By locating units on the ground substantial savings on structural reinforcement was achieved as well as great aesthetics. Sparks Engineering worked with the building owner and principal designers to create high ceilings, an extremely quiet and well ventilated sanctuary, and simple flexible zoning. Sparks Engineering, LLC provided complete HVAC and plumbing designs. Completed 2008. For info, see
A 3,500+ square foot restaurant now under construction to feature a fine Italian menu. Kitchen cookline design includes several pizza ovens- brick-fired and double stacked. Also designed were a gas-fired/solid fuel rotisserie, and complete cookline. Grease ducts use enclosure insulation for a 0.0 inch to combustible installation. Sparks Engineering worked with the building owner and general contractor to implement as many cost saving measures as possible, and yet provide for all of the desired appliances needed by the owner. We were able to maintain a dining area with high ceilings yet open to the cookline, while ensuring that the kitchen hoods will effectively contain all fumes/smoke. This will allow diners a view of the pizza ovens and general cookline activity (which will enhance the diners experience). Visit Bambini's Las Vegas for an authentic Italian experience
Dunkin Donuts
Sparks Engineering, LLC provided HVAC and plumbing design for nearly a dozen of these popular stores in southern Nevada, and continues to provide high quality engineering in the commercial food and hospitality industry. All stores contain a type 2 hood for the oven which warms donuts. Grease interceptors were not required in all jurisdictions mainly because the donut chain uses a central kitchen for cooking the donuts, with the donuts being delivered to the stores each morning.

Taco Del Mar (under construction)
Sparks Engineering, LLC provided HVAC and plumbing design for this fast food retail chain. This is the first of the stores in the Las Vegas area. (We are hoping to do many more...). Features type I & II kitchen exhaust systems, two HVAC zones, and a self contained walk-in efrigeration unit. (The condensing unit is located on the roof; however, the evaporator fan coil is located in the ceiling space above the walk-in. The nice feature about this: more usable walk-in area, no heat tracing of condensate drain lines, and since CD drains are in the ceiling, the discharge location is more flexible.)
Creech Air Force Base, NV
The air traffic control tower at this facility was modernized in 2006. Sparks Engineering, LLC designed 100% redundancy air cooled chillers, redesigned the hydronic piping, and upgraded several of the fan coils used in this 5 story tower. One of the challenges we solved: locating the new larger chillers to achieve proper airflow and overall enhanced performance in a mechanical yard that was quite small. This project is a good example of the diverse abilities of Sparks Engineering, LLC.
Custom Residence/Multi-family Residences
Sparks Engineering, LLC has provided MP engineering for numerous custom numerous over the past several years. Multi-use and multi-family (apartments, condominiums) and assisted living centers have been designed as well. Refer to Residential Design for more information

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Massage Heights - Southpointe
Sparks Engineering, LLC has provided MP engineering for numerous T.I. projects for this popular business in both Nevada and California.